Bio Identical Hormone Balancing


Women of any age can benefit from hormone balancing, but as we grow and change our hormone related needs and goals change as well. Dr. Burns specializes in Bio-identical Hormone Balancing. Different forms of hormones are recognized differently by cells, so it makes sense that their effects might also be different. To make sure that our patients understand the risk and benefits of hormone therapy, we start all therapy with a “round table’ seminar to review the outcome of current research, WHI (World Health Initiative) Study, discuss different hormone options and treatment modalities. To optimize doctor, patient and group interaction, we limit the group to no more than 6 patients per seminar. Please call the office to schedule your appointment. Seminars fill quickly, so please have several date options available. Please see seminar schedule below.

2019 Seminar Schedule

June 5th3:00pm
July 10th9:00am
Aug 7th3:00pm
Sept 4th9:00am
Oct 2nd9:00am
Nov 6th9:00am
Dec 4th 3:00pm