Infertility & OB Care


At Integrative Women’s Healthcare we focus on making your mind, body and spirit a healthy vessel in which to “grow a human”. We offer pre conceptual individual and couples counseling. hormone evaluation, and prenatal testing.

Dr. Burns does all confirmation of pregnancies. She focuses her energies on pregnancy preparation and management of early gestation. In-house ultrasounds are performed by Dr. Burns, who can immediately interpret results and counsel.

We refer out to the most appropriate practitioner for continued obstetrics care. this may include midwives, doulas, general obstetricians and high risk perinatologist when appropriate.

Continued care for pregnant women can be coordinated with your obstetrician using complimentary and alternative therapies working with our “healthy mommy and baby” program. The “healthy mommy and baby” program includes pre peri and postnatal nutritional counseling and personal training, Mind, body and spirit techniques in preparation for labor and motherhood.