Nutrition Wellness & Weight Loss


We have developed physician supervised weight loss programs that are aimed at achieving long-term weight loss through medical, nutritional and lifestyle changes. We treat both Men and Women through the science of AGE MANAGEMENT. We use advanced diagnostic and genetic testing that helps us tailor a wellness program unique to each person. There is no “magic pill” for anti aging. We can not stop time, but we can make whatever age you are look better, feel better and help you be the best you, that you have always wanted.

Wellness Services Menu

Holistic Nutrition

Diagnosis Specific Nutritional Counseling:* (Billable to insurance. Not to exceed 40 minutes.)

Tailored to your specific diagnosis and health needs, sessions cover nutrition basics for optimal health and disease prevention following guidelines for holistic wellness. Includes: food journal review & recommendations, meal planning guidelines, and holistic nutrition recommendations.

Prenatal / Perinatal Nutritional Counseling:*
Holistic nutrition basics to achieve healthy pregnancy, following USDA & NASM guidelines includes: food journal review & recommendations, meal planning guidelines to help promote fertility, support fertility treatments, aid morning sickness, dietary cautions, and nutritional needs for breast feeding.

Medical Weight Loss
These are tailored weight loss programs which require physician monitoring and or prescription medications. Medications and supplements can be used to boost metabolism and energy, curb appetite, or redirect your brain to target fat loss and muscle retention. This is Ideal to keep mood and energy elevated.

Patient Specific/ Physician Guided Plan: With this option Dr. Burns will evaluate your goals and your general health and develop a unique plan just for you. This plan may include prescription medications, supplements, therapy and or other remedies.

Healthy Weight DNA Insight: Discover more than you ever thought possible about your health and what makes you unique. There is no one size fits all approach to weight loss, and it can be difficult, both mentally and physically, to stick to a regimen that may or may not work for you. With the Healthy Weight DNA insight nutrigenetic test, Dr. Burns will be able to help guide you towards a more appropriate weight loss or weight management plan- a plan that is tailored to you as an individual based on your genetics. This option can be used with any weight loss program or maintenance phase. Please see our Genetic Testing section for more information on this option.

HCG- (30 Days):
Dr. Burns loves the HCG Diet Plan because “it makes sense”. She is a trained Obstetrician/ Gynecologist and understands the hormones of pregnancy and how the diet works. HCG is a specific type of hormone found naturally in high levels in pregnant women. In the beginning of pregnancy the role of this hormone is to supports the body’s fat burning process and use it to feed the baby. HCG uses the natural fat storage that a woman carries in her thighs, hips, and mid-section to obtain nutrients for the baby. It suppresses the appetite so that you do not realize that you are using more energy than you are taking in and therefore does not trigger the starvation reaction. The result is dramatic Weight loss (up to one pound per day). We can also make slight alterations to the overall diet based on age, gender, and lifestyle and get the same or similar results as the original diet. This is a 4 week program with two weeks of maintenance support, it works for MEN and WOMEN


Private Training:*
Tailored to your specific goals and ability level, sessions include customized exercise program design and assistance in safe & effective exercise execution promoting healthy muscles and joints following National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) guidelines. Areas of expertise: muscle sculpting, cardiovascular conditioning, functional training, balance training, sports specific training, and rehabilitative exercise.

Prenatal Personal Training:*
The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends that healthy pregnant women participate in moderate exercise at least 30 minutes a day on most if not all days of the week. Personalized exercise prescription and demonstration of safe and effective prenatal exercises specifically designed to increase energy, decrease swelling, regulate hormones, improve sleep, and prepare the body for delivery.

*Personal Training can be added to any of our nutritional or weight loss plans at a discounted rated. Please contact our office for more information.

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